About Regenbogen: Living life with love & in color

A recent study found that color is disappearing from the world. Not the earth-world - all the stunning color in nature still exists - but from all manner of things human made. We didn't like that.

Color is fun, color is joy, color is daring, and color isn't plain and tidy. It's our mission to live life with love and in glorious color. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🥰

Regenbogen means "rainbow" in German. These patterns were inspired by the seven months of travel throughout Europe that inspired us to learn more about our ancestor's folk art and traditions. The patterns you see here are modern takes on our family's folk heritage. It is our joy and pleasure to help you bring some fun, joy, daring, and wonderful quirk into your life.

With love & in color,

Your Regenbogen family ❤️