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  • Step 1: Register

    Register as an affiliate.

    Be among the first to refer new shoppers to Regenbogen. There are no fees, no minimum sales, and it's free to join.

  • Step 2: Promote

    Advertise Regenbogen on your social media, mailing list, or wherever you are online along with your affiliate link to refer shoppers.

  • Step 3: Get Paid

    Be compensated for all referrals you bring via your affiliate link. We offer flexible payment methods.

  • Strategic Support

    Detailed documents, images, and instructions to help you promote efficiently.

  • Set Commission

    We pay a set 10% commission across all products, so you have the freedom to promote whichever products most authentically speak to you.

  • Trust

    Payment is automatic and guaranteed so you can focus on promotion.

  • Matching audience segment

    It's important that we share the same target customers so we can maximally benefit from working together.

  • Kindness & Joy

    We look to partner with affiliates who relate to their following with kindness and who put more joy into the world.

  • Dedication & Communication

    We hope to create consistent and lasting relationships with affiliates that grow. We want this program to work well for all involved and we welcome feedback on how we can improve and best support you in your promotions.

Become a Regenbogen affiliate today!

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