Making choices for our future.

Did you know that in just the apparel industry in the United States alone, 3 million tons of unsold clothing is incinerated and 10 million tons of unsold clothing goes to landfills?*

*Source: EPA

Everything at Regenbogen is made-to-order. We don't make anything until it's sold. In choosing to make your purchase with us, you help keep our air and land cleaner.

Your order might take a little longer to get to you, but there’s no waste being burned or dumped.

We also reduce existing waste through using recycled materials.

Where possible, we make items out of recycled materials. Check out a few of our recycled items below.


Recycled Bottles

Our polos are made from recycled polyester sourced from plastic bottles. Each piece of clothing is made from around 12 plastic bottles.

The plastic bottles are transformed into high-quality yarn, minimizing environmental impact.


Bento Boxes

Environmentally-Friendly Materials

PLA could stand for "personalized lunch accessory," but it's got an even better meaning. It's a bioplastic made from the polylactic acid of plant starches, aka an environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic.


Wrap Dress

Recycled Bottles

Our wrap dresses are made from 77% recycled polyester. The recycled polyester used in products is sourced from clear plastic water bottles.

They are cleaned and turned into pellets that are spun into new, high-quality yarn.

We use this to create premium apparel.

It's our commitment to reducing our environmental impact.


Crop Tops

Recycled Fabrics

This long-sleeve crop top is made of recycled polyester and elastane, making it an eco-friendly choice for swimming, sports, or athleisure outfits.